Orders for the week

This week, you received 64 orders. Last week, you had 56. Since your apps launched, you've had 557.

Out of your 64 orders this week, 40 came from new customers.

What are the top five items people viewed on your menu this week?

Bacon Cheeseburger
Chicken Marsala
Cobb Salad
Cherry Cheesecake
Potato Skins

Revenue for the week

Your total order revenue this week:


Total since app launch:


When did people use your apps?
When did they open them and view your menu?

Weekly Opens

This week, your apps were opened a total of 925 times with the most active day being Saturday.

Open Times

This week, your apps have been opened 925 times and since your apps have launched, they've been opened 11276 times.

Blue Shoe Mobile

T: +1 877-581-2042
E: info@blueshoemobile.com

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